Manga artist trainee wanted! (Recruiting & Supporting)

MANGA artist trainee WANTED in Osaka


We support your manga activity in Kansai area by providing a free accomodation and manga-ka network. We also provide Japanese speaking lessons if you need. Your commitment, as instance, is to write a short story manga per week. Working holiday visa/student visa holder is the best candidate for us.

*We cannot sponsor any type of visa for this position.

[example]Assignment(3~4 hrs/day, 5 days/week)

*Condition may depend besed on what you can do

・Office work
・Activity event organizing
・One manga submission / month

Compensation (We cover the expenses below)

* we won’t pay you any salary but offer a place to stay and manga-ka network in Kansai area.

Conpensation – worth 74,000yen
・Room rent (46,000yen)
・Utilities (5,000yen)
・Japanese lesson (20,000yen)
・Internet access (3,000yen)
・Furniture etc

・Manga-ka lecture/meeting/networking in Kyoto

・Arrival support in Japan

2 positions
How to apply
Please send a resume with your reason to apply by manga as attachment
Send to:
“MANGA-KA project” 11-4 Okayamate-cho, Hirakata-shi, Osaka 573-0034, Japan



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